David Eyster

District Attorney 2010

Prior Performance Evaluations

David Eyster for Mendocino County District Attorney

From 1984 to 1996, David Eyster received job and performance evaluations as a member of the Mendocino County District Attorney's Office. Mr. Eyster is proud to post each and every one of his evaluations below for you to consider.

We challenge the incumbent to show that she can match Attorney Eyster's record of excellence:

David Eyster Performance Evaluation 1


"Mr. Eyster is an invaluable member of my staff. His willingness to accept responsibility goes above and beyond any job description that could be created.

He adds spark and humor to this office which deals with the most serious of subjects.

He is always mindful of my need to know and briefs me daily on information that often reaches him before anyone else. This reflects the respect and admiration that all law enforcement has for his intelligence and integrity."
David Eyster Performance Evaluation 2


"Mr. Eyster has proven himself to be invaluable to the success of this office.

He accepts all assignments eagerly, even those with potentially negative consequences.

Each task is performed well and always with the best interests of the office and the People of the State of California in mind."
David Eyster Performance Evaluation 3


"Mr. Eyster is a tremendous asset to this office.

He accepts any and all tasks assigned plus many that are not assigned to him, but have to be completed.

He is a model to young attorneys and takes that responsibility seriously. He always has time to listen, and provides well reasoned solutions to problems they pose.

His trial skills have improved steadily, and he is recognized as one of the best trial attorneys in the County."
David Eyster Performance Evaluation 4


"Mr. Eyster's willingness to accept all challenges presented makes him an outstanding employee. He has an excellent understanding of the law and its application to the cases he handles.

In emergency situations he is always willing to assist and take on further responsibilities. It makes no difference how large or small the task may be.

His good humor lightens all of our loads and makes this a better place to work."

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Photo by Jack Hopkins: Courtesy Humboldt County CVB, redwoods.info