Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is very simple:

1. We do not use "cookies" or "sessions" or any other means of keeping track of you on our website. With one exception, we only receive the information about you that you wish to send to us by using one of our forms.

The exception is that our "web server" keeps a "log file" with information about its activities, such as the "IP number" your Internet connection used to request one of our pages, the page that was requested, the time and date of the request, the website you came from to get here, and the kind of "web browser" you use. Rest assured that none of this information identifies you, personally, and we will not release ANY "log" information unless we are required to do so by law.

2. We will only use information you send to us to communicate with you about our Campaign.

3. We will not sell or share our Mailing List with any third party. In addition, we will ONLY disclose the contents of our Mailing List as required by law.

4. If you contribute money to our campaign, the minimum amount of information required to complete your transaction will be shared with PayPal (here is a link to their Privacy Policy), and we will retain some of your information for election reporting purposes, as required by law. We do not receive at any time and will NEVER retain your credit card information.

5. If, at any time, you wish us to remove the information you sent to us from our databases, we will be happy to do so, with the only exception being that if you have contributed money to our campaign, we are required by law to retain some of your information for election reporting purposes. We cannot delete that particular information (Name, Address, Employer, Occupation, Amount of Donation). To make a request for removal from our databases, simply use the "Ask Us A Question" form on our Contact Us page, and we will act on your request as soon as possible.

6. Once the campaign has ended, and all reporting requirements have been satisfied, we will purge all of the information from our databases, unless you specifically request otherwise by including your instructions in one of the "comments" fields, or by some other means. If you choose to allow us to retain the information we have that pertains to you, the rest of this privacy policy will remain in effect until such time as that information is removed.

That's it! Contact us if you have any questions.

Three Ways to Contribute

  •  Money

    Contribute via PayPal.
    No membership required!

  •  Time

    Volunteer for all sorts of
    activities, sign up to help!

  •  Vote

    Request bumper stickers and
    yard signs, find a polling place


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